About Online Learning

Not all online classes are the same. Understanding how they differ will help you find the course that’s right for you.


These courses don’t require any in-person or Zoom meetings. All faculty-led instruction and assignments are delivered through Canvas, an online academic portal you’ll get access to once you enroll.


These classes have regular class Zoom meetings that allow you to interact with faculty and classmates in real time. You will need to be sure your schedule will allow you to fully participate: your engagement in Zoom sessions is a class requirement.


A combination of classwork managed around your schedule and occasional in-person meetings with faculty. Many students find this is a best-of-both-worlds approach that provides the flexibility of remote learning and the support of regular direct interaction with a professor.


These courses give you the flexibility to complete assignments at your own pace. Join classes during one of multiple enrollment windows, and work through course material on a schedule that fits with your needs and goals. Enrollment in Flex courses stays open throughout the first half of the semester: you may not have to wait for the next semester to enroll!


These are seven-week courses that earn you the same credits as a full semester course, but in about half the time. Not every course has an alternative that can be completed in seven weeks or less, but they can be a great option depending on the credits you’re seeking.

Different Classes for Different Students

This online college course clearinghouse lets you view all types of online courses from throughout the State College System.

Anyone can enroll in online classes from one of our system schools; the admissions process and costs differ for out-of-state students. The website of the college offering the class you’re interested in will have more complete information.