Cost Info

Each Vermont State College website gives you detailed information on costs. Here is a quick overview of the factors that affect how much you pay for classes.


The range of different resources available at each of the Vermont State Colleges affects the per-credit cost of courses. All of them offer great value in higher education!

One-time Costs

If you are not already an enrolled student, you may need to cover some costs related to enrollment. Each school’s website has detailed cost and fee information.

Course-Specific Costs

Certain courses may require lab fees, specific equipment, or other costs directly related to enrollment. Review the description carefully so you know what to expect.

Veteran Status

There are specific financial aid options available exclusively to active military, veterans and their immediate families. Be sure the school is aware of your veteran status; they can help you access these programs.

Resident / Non-Resident

If you are not a Vermonter, your tuition cost will likely be higher than what in-state residents pay.

Special Circumstances

Periodically, Vermont State Colleges offer special incentives to qualifying students. Review the website of your chosen school carefully to see if there are any programs addressing your special circumstances.